Sponsoring the Ski Association of Slovenia

Great winter sports stories don’t begin on large ski hills and the glistening runways of the world cup. They start on the short inclines and remote ski slopes and ski jumping hills where young, hopeful Slovenian winter sports athletes hone their skills. These young heroes look up to their role models, so as the long-time winter sports supporter and gold sponsor of the Ski Association of Slovenia, Ford collaborated with the Association to develop the “Heroes Go Further” socially responsible project. For every point achieved by the Slovenian Alpine and Nordic sports athletes that was greater than last year’s world cup achievements, another euro was added to scholarships for young winter athletes.

The story continued the following year with a sports-themed campaign and winter sports athletes taking centre stage: #untameable Filip Flisar took over Slovenian towns with his caravan of Mustangs, Jurij Tepeš taught car enthusiasts adrenaline driving with a Ford Focus at Ford’s Performance Day in Vransko, #AlwayActive Ilka embarked on an uphill drive with a Ford Kuga on the Pohorje Mountains, Domen Prevc captivated audiences with Ford Ka+. We created a likeable TV ad in collaboration with the Association for the end of the year, bringing the viewers along on the team’s last picnic before the start of the season. The relaxed atmosphere is full of witty banter and jokes, summing up the sponsored year, all to a backdrop of Ford vehicles.


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